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Why do people have assessments? 

Assessments are free for potential patients to come and meet us to find out if we are the people to help them. We offer both structural and sports injury assessments to people of all ages, whether or not you are in pain. It is for all musculoskeletal problems, not just backs. So if you are not sure what is causing your back problem, joint pain, sore shoulder or any other aches or pains, we maybe able to help.

What happens at during assessment?

We have a brief discussion with you about your general health and current symptoms. Then there is a hands-on assessment of the painful area.

You may be asked to remove some clothing during the check. If this is a problem please say. We then discuss how any imbalances may relate to your health and symptoms. The likely benefits of treatment are explained, along with a brief explanation of the treatment.

Other advice regarding lifestyle or other appropriate therapies is given. People find a check comfortable and informative.

         Checks includes:
  • brief discussion of any symptoms
  • hands-on check of the affected region
  • explanation of the effects of any imbalances
  • likely benefit of treatment
  • brief lifestyle advice


Who has assessments?
New Mums

Pregnancy is a difficult time for the body, not to mention the stresses and strains that happen with childbirth itself. We offer free assessments to pregnant ladies who are struggling with the demands and changes that are occurring as the pregnancy develops or who have recently had a baby.

As a child grows into a teenager the demands on his or her body change. Increasingly we are seeing more problems that would be associated with adults.These problems include postural issues from sitting at desks for long hours playing computer games and doing home work. Also this is a time when sport becomes increasingly more competitive and sports injuries start to occur

Sports injuries
Sporting injuries can prevent you from achieving your full potential.Our assessments aim to find possible causes of your problem and barriers to recovery. We have helped many different types of athletes overcome their problem. Assessments are done by Claire Gregory who specialises in sports injuries. 
Back pain

Many people suffer from recurrent back pain and it is a major cause of time off work. Our assessments aim to help you find the cause of the problem to help you feel more comfortable as soon as possible.

Pain at work

With more people spending time in front of the computer or on laptops, work related posture problems are increasing. Our assessments can help you manage your problem and advise you on the best techniques for self help and injury prevention. Millions of days are lost each year to back problems, the key to most problems is to keep mobile.

Here are some useful links for work based issues
As we get older

Keeping active as we get older is important. Our osteopathic checks are available for you to ask questions about any issue regarding your health.People ask us about care pre and post knee and hip operations, shoulder pain and general body stiffness. Our aim is to help you feel more comfortable so you can take part in all your hobbies and interests.

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