Osteopathy for Adults

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We see many adults at all stages of their lives. Most commonly adults start to need Osteopathy as life pressures increase and the demand on our time reduces our ability to exercise. This may be due to longer working hours, having a family or changes in circumstances. 

Pain at work 
Back pain at work is the greatest  cause of long term sickness. 15 million days are lost each year in the UK. There are some simple measures to take to get you back on your feet. The most important is staying mobile and many gentle pilates classes are available locally. Many patients have postural problems because they don't move enough. If you're not sure what is causing your pain at work why not come in for a Free Assessment. 

Sports injuries
We treat a large number of people with sports related problems. We aim to get patients back to the top of their sport as quickly as possible. We offer FREE assessments to anyone who has an issue but is not sure what to do about their problem. Treatment may include sports taping, ultra sound therapy, massage and Osteopathy techniques, exercise and gait analysis.

Antenatal care 

Your body is going through some amazing changes which will increase the demands placed on your body. Typically you will gain half a kilo of weight per week during the second trimester increasing the load on your spine and ligaments. Approximately one in five women experience some pelvic girdle discomfort Most ladies experience some rib and muscle discomfort as the baby changes position in the third trimester.

We offer an antenatal package to help your body adjust to the ongoing changes and make your pregnancy go as smoothly as possible

Post birth check 

With 25% of births requiring a caesarean and 15.2% requiring episiotomies, most mums will agree that childbirth can be physically challenging. Our free check will include a case history and time to raise any concerns you may have about how your body is recovering from the birthing process.